We are a unique beverage representation company importing, marketing and distributing trend-setter and privileged beverages, servicing beverage establishments nation wide. A foundation of Sakshi Enterprises (representative for Perrier sparkling water across the country). We operate out of most cosmopolitan & influential cities Mumbai & Delhi, to keep in close contact with the wide and diverse customer base in the country.



NX BEV is strategically incorporated under the group SAKSHI ENTERPRISES with a passion that helped us secure the world’s number 1 sparkling water brand in its early start. We are pioneer in getting exclusive beverage brands to India and developing a market for them with its GLOCAL mechanism.


The company works in the area of identifying and also involves its expertise in curating unique and premium products at international waters to offer something new and trendy for the fast growing beverage sector in the country.

Our works involve

  • Extensive research and development
  • Finding gaps in this space
  • Market research
  • Consumer identification
  • Market size
  • Measuring growth opportunity
  • Identifying the product
  • Curating it to comply legal norms and the domestic pallet
  • Importing, Marketing, Distributing, Positioning and Driving the consumer to the shelves with excitement.

We strategically plan to service different point of sale formats from GT, MT, HORECA, CORPORATE, DUTY FREE, all organised and far reached remote sectors through our unique and effective technological methods.